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Memorial & Testimonial's

Dhanbai Dhanji Patel
1940 - 2021

We recently used the services of Akshardham Funeral Directors for our beloved grandmothers funeral. From the initial conversation to the funeral day, Nitesh treated our family with compassion and was extremely sensitive to the emotions we were going through.
Loosing a loved one was always going to be hard, but Nitesh carried out every intricate detail with confidence and was able to help guide us with protocol and also making those difficult decisions.

As a family we are grateful for the guidance and support given.

Pravin Kara

Lalitaben Pragji Thakrar
1932- 2021

We recently used the services of Akshardham for my mothers funeral and found Nitesh and his team excellent .From the time I first stepped in to the parlour to the final services at the crematorium we found Nitesh to be in full control of the service provided which was excellent. Through out the process Nitesh was on top with communications and ensured we were fully informed. The premises including the Mandir were excellent.
I would highly rate Nitesh and Akshardham 
Thank You

Vinod Thakrar

Chetan Keshra Hirani
1979 - 2021

"Outstanding Funeral Directors"

We as a family were so happy and honoured to find and use Akshardham Funeral Directors for my late brother in law's funeral.

From the moment I spoke to Nitesh, I knew that he was going to be the one to help out with all the funeral arrangements. He broke all the price details down so they were understandable. He was very assuring in his mannerisms that we knew we had picked the right person for the job.

He recommended everything from the crematorium, to which dates were possible and achievable, to flower arrangements and recommending one of the best Maharaj's me or the family have ever had for any occasion.

Nitesh was always contactable and was always contacting me and prompting me for things to get going and moving, especially in terms of trying to get my brother in law released from the hospital, as the local council there were being a real nightmare. Nitesh gave really good advice on how to get the council to release documents. We eventually got the documents earlier than the council were willing and this was all possible because of Nitesh.

Nitesh and Supesh were brilliant on the day of the funeral. They turned up on time and just really helped out on the day and the days leading up to the funeral. I personally think they overachieved and were really professional and outstanding as funeral directors and as people themselves.

They have the best understanding for Hindu and Gujarati traditions and I would definitely recommend Akshardham Funeral Directors to anyone and everyone.

Thank you for the best experience at the worst possible time for the family 🙏🏽

Jatin Dusara

Sumitraben Vinodkumar Patel
1936- 2021

Would highly recommend Nitesh and his team at Aksharsham funeral. They listened to our needs and tailored my baa's funeral service to my family requirements. They were very efficient and made sure that Baa had a lovely final journey. Their chapel of rest is simply stunning, I felt such peace and content when visiting my baa for the final time. Thank you so much for all you done for us and Baa.

Janki Patel

Hira Arjan Bhudia
1936- 2021

Akshardham Funeral Directors were absolutely amazing throughout the whole process after losing a loved one. From the initial phone call up until the service at the crematorium, everything was managed in a very professional and swift manner. The funeral home has state of the art facilties and a finely designed prayer room to ensure their clients receive the best service possible. Nitesh went out of his way to make sure my families wishes were met. His support and guidance in such a difficult time was really appreciated. I would highly recommend Nitesh and his team.


Jaina Parbat Hirani
1989- 2021

I was recommended Akshardham funeral directors by a family member and I cannot recommend them enough. Nitesh was amazing at explaining the whole process the options available and was in constant contact. He was quick with replies and was able to make adjustments and meet any special requests we had. He went above and beyond to facilitate our wishes and was very respectful throughout the process. Thank you so much, the funeral went exactly how we wanted it and we really appreciate how smooth and easy the whole process was, especially as it was such a difficult time for us.

Sapna Hirani

Rambai Ramji Patel
1932- 2021

Excellent service provided by Akshardham Funeral Directors. Thank You Nitesh and team for all you did for our BAs cremation. Nitesh accommodated for all the requests i made, he was always available for questions i had and gave help, advice and guidance on what needed to be done.
Never having experienced organising a cremation i have to from the heart thank Nitesh and team for taking me step by step through the arrangements of our BAs cremation and for making everything happen as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Dimita Patel

Virbai Valji
1941- 2021

Impeccable service and highly recommend"
After losing my mum, it was a very difficult time for us as family. Akshardham Funeral Directors came highly recommended by my mum’s neighbours and I couldn't have asked for anyone better than them to take care of the funeral services.
Nitesh is very professional, caring and compassionate and took care of all the requests I made with attention to detail. He also arranged a Maharaj / Priest for us which was greatly appreciated.
I could not have appointed a better Funeral Director and would like to thank Nitesh and his team for the excellent service we received from you.

Rashmita D

Manbai Patel
1944- 2021

The team at Akshardham Funeral Directors, especially Nitesh, were amazing. He made such a difficult time so easy, and in just 2 phone calls, he arranged my beloved mother’s funeral with ease. He also provided contacts for prayers and flower arrangements, and treated the family with compassion. The funeral service ran smoothly and we cannot thank the team enough, for making the send off a special moment for us all.
Many people have requested their contact and it is evident that they paid attention on to every intricate detail. Thank you again ❤️

Sheela Patel

Sushila Gauri Trivedi
1936- 2021

Very happy with the service provided at short notice.

Madhu Trivedi

Nirmala Patel
1957- 2021

Devendra Bhudia

Dayakunvar Joshi
1935- 2021

Nitesh and his team are absolutely fantastic! He took the time the ensure the funeral was the perfect way to honour our mum. Nitesh dedicated his time to ensure we as a family did not have to make endless phone calls, he organised the crematorium for us, dates and provided excellent communication to ensure everything suited the family. His meticulous organisation and willingness to go the extra mile to make the ceremony personal was something we are eternally grateful for. The team were very professional and provided much needed support during a difficult time. We highly recommend Akshardham Funeral Directors.

Mansij Vora

Prembai Lalji Khetani
1921- 2021

Akshardham funeral directors were absolutely amazing throughout the whole process after loosing my grandma. From the first phone call up until the service at the crematorium, they managed everything in a professional manner.
Nitesh was professional caring and compassionate and took care of everything .
Nitesh was always there for me no matter what time of day it was and always willing to help and answer any questions.
I could not have appointed a better funeral director and would like to thank Nitesh and his team for the excellent service and a lovely send off for my grandma
Highly recommend Akshardam Funeral Directors 🙏

Laxmita Raghwani

Rashmikant Premji Varsani
1967- 2021

I was extremely grateful for the speedy and great service you gave at my brothers funeral today. Your eye to details and professional attitude to the bereaved family was very appreciated today. May your business spark like you sparked on all the arrangements at my brothers funeral today. Definitely giving excellent service to the community when they have lost their loved ones. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family for the 100% quality services you gave us today.

Bina Vekaria

Thank you to the whole team at Akshardham Funeral Directors for the impeccable service you provided for my brothers funeral.
From the hospital through to the crematorium you were the embodiment of professionalism, especially as I am in Australia and was unable to attend due to the current (Covid) travel restrictions.
Forever grateful that I could call on your services day or night .. your attention to detail had me blown away.. please accept my sincerest thanks 🙏🏽

Jay Varsani

Radhabai Karsan Jetha
1937- 2021

Akshardam funeral directors were absolutely amazing throughout the whole process after losing our grandmother. From the first phone call right up to the service at the crematorium, they managed everything in a professional manner.
Nitesh was professional, caring and compassionate and took care of everything, always on hand to answer any questions we had.
We could not have appointed a better funeral director and would like to thank Nitesh and his team for the excellent service.
Highly recommend Akshardam Funeral Directors.

Khrish Kerai

Gangaben Babarbhai Patel
1935- 2021

I would like to take this opportunity to express mine and my children's sincere gratitude for the services you provided for my late mother's funeral.

As you can imagine, arranging the funeral of a loved one is unbelievably difficult and extremely stressful. Nitesh, you personally helped me start the painful process so patiently and efficiently. You answered all my questions with care and compassion. You were attentive, thorough, informative, thoughtful and very helpful.

On the day of the funeral (02.04.21), you and your colleagues were very professional and very caring during all the procedures carried out. My family and I will always be grateful for the care taken with my mother on her final journey.

I will most definitely be looking to use your services again.

Once again, many thanks for your services. Nitesh, we wish you all the very best with Akshardham Funeral Directors.

Again, thank you for your services.

Kindest regards,

Kshama Patel and family 🙏🕉️

Firstly we would like to thank Nitesh for attending our home and guiding us through from start to end. Not only did he take away the pressure during this difficult time he did it professionally and with compassion.
The service Akshardham provided was excellent, our mind was at ease knowing everything was taken care off, Nitesh put us in contact with other service providers and went out of his way to ensure everything was in place.
Nitesh/Akshardham services was available to answer any questions we had throughout.
We as a family would like to say a big thank you for everything.

Vanisha Patel

Rambai Lalji Patel
1922- 2021

I would highly recommend Akshardham Funerals.
My Father passed away and I have never had to plan a funeral or even knew where to start.
I was recommend Nitesh via a friend he was nothing but helpful, he guided me and my family through the whole process, even chased up the necessary paperwork for me.
He was always ready to answer the phone if i had any questions.
It is never easy to say goodbye, but Akshardham Funeral Directors helped with making it that little bit easier.
Thank you Nitesh and the team for all your support.

Krupa and Family

Suresh Patel
1961- 2021
Pushpa Kanji Patel
1959- 2021

Nitesh and his team at Akshardham funeral directors were highly very professional at this difficult time. He provided detailed steps the whole was through the process and everything was transparent and easy to understand. He was in constant contact at a time when there was alot going on so nothing was missed. He was knowledgable in hindu traditions and very respectful at all times. Thank you for providing a great service.

Hina Patel

Mahesh Vishram Vaghjiani
1971- 2021

Amazing team at Akshardham who helped organise my dad's funeral with love and care from start to finish. Great service and great respect for everything. God bless 🙏

Jaymin Mahesh Vaghjiani

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