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Arranging a Funeral


Our dedicated team at Akshardham Funeral Directors will guide you through the detail and advise you of all the options and choices available to you, and working with you to arrange a funeral that is personal to your family.


For some a simple funeral is all that is required whilst others prefer a more elaborate service.

The person making the arrangements must have the authority of the family to do so and be able to make decisions and give instructions. They will also be responsible for arranging payment.

We can meet to discuss the arrangements at our funeral home, your home or a location of your choice, such as a solicitor’s office or friend’s home.

Decisions you will need to consider are:

  • Burial, Cremation or Repatriation

  • Coffin, casket and urn selection

  • Dressing the deceased

  • Where the deceased should rest prior to the funeral

  • Where the funeral is to be held

  • Religious or secular service

  • Who is to conduct and speak at the funeral service

  • Whether to have floral tributes or donations to charity

  • Who to invite to the funeral

  • Who should be informed of the death

  • Newspaper Notices

  • What costs are appropriate

Arranging a funeral is a unique opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one and our caring and professional staff will be available to guide and advise you throughout.

Feel free to give us a call, to discuss your thoughts, concerns and wishes – we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

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